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Energy & Industry

As a mechanical key partner for major players in the sectors of Energy, including nuclear activity, for more than 30 years, Mecachrome has designed, developed and made key sub-assemblies for medical instruments such as Mega joule Laser, IPHI or CLIC accelerators, the ITER project, as well as unique projects in optronics ad medical instruments fields, and requiring high precision machining and assembling

Our expertise in aircraft engine parts allows us to deliver an extended product offer for applications such as gas turbines, wind energy development, among others.

Thanks to our 150 engineers and R&D centers (one center is shared with CEA), Mecachrome offers innovating solutions and technological breakthroughs to meet technical needs expected in scientific, optical and medical sectors.

We are very proud to contribute to the development of major players such as CEA, Thales, Trixell, GE Energy, ITER org, or CNIM, among others.