Aeroengines | Mecachrome


For over 30 years, Mecachrome has been one of the major players in the sector of aero engines for the civil and military aerospace industry

As a key partner for the leading worldwide engine makers like Snecma, Rolls Royce or MTU, Mecachrome has developed a unique know-how around its core activity of high precision machining and assembly.Mecachrome is able to meet its customers’ requirements, from the R&D phase, to the co-engineering, design, development, up to the production and final assembly phases of complete sub-assemblies.

Equipped with special processes such as tig/plasma welding, surface treatments, while working closely with an efficient supply chain, Mecachrome has specialized in the production of parts that cover the entire structural of turning zones of the engines, from the spinner cone forwards to the casings, at low and high pressure, thanks to its experience and knowledge with materials such as aluminum, inconel, stainless steel and titanium.

Product offering

Pieces de Structures :

  • Fan case
  • Stage ferrule / DAM
  • Intermediate case
  • Compressor case
  • Exhaust case 

Turning pieces :

  • Front cone
  • Back Cowlings ferrule
  • Spinners
  • Fan Disk
  • Thimble
  • Dam
  • Turbine shaft