Innovation | Mecachrome


Innovation means thinking differently

Listening to the needs of customers, Mecachrome’s Research and Industrial Development department designs and develops innovative industrial processes. This capacity for innovation allows Mecachrome to put in place high added value solutions for customers, and to stand out from our competitors. The R&ID organisation relies on 4 integrated centres of production, separate and complimentary: Industrial Research at Amboise, Experimental Research at Saint Luce sur Loire, Industrial Development at Sable and Metallurgical Expertise at Vibraye. Mecachrome’s technological know-how forms one of the essential elements of its competitiveness in France and the whole world. The themes addressed by the R&ID teams include a whole range of process development projects, up to digital transformation projects. Process direction relies on a strategic vision: “Dry to Fly” (dry machining and buy to fly ratio reduction). For years we have developed and produced parts by subtractive methods, that is to say, removing material from a single piece. In recent years, we have also been designing and producing products thanks to 3D additive manufacturing methods. Mecachrome has invented a third imbricative way, which combines the advantages of the two previous methods: a saving in material and productivity, whilst reducing the environmental impact thanks to the assistance of cryogenic machining. Thanks to this imbricative innovation, we will be able to see a reduction of 30% in production costs for large size parts.