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Equality Index Women / Men - MECACHROME France

Declared as a great national cause of the quinquennium launched by the French President, equality between women and men has been the subject of a comprehensive action plan by the government.

To support companies in their obligation, the Ministry of Labour has set up an index to assess the pay gap between women and men.

As a company with more than 1.000 employees, Mecachrome France (sites of Amboise, Vibraye, Aubigny-Sur-Nère, and Headquarters) publishes its professional  equality index of 66% in 2018.

This index is based on 5 indicators : difference wages between women and men, difference in the annual increases salary, difference in career development, salary increase at return from maternity, and women’s presence in  the most high salary.

The objective of the Mecachrome group is to reach 75% within 3 years, an action plan will be proposed in the framework of the negotiations of the agreement Quality Worklife and Equality professional applicable  to MECACHROME France in a first time, then to the French subsidiaries of the group.

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