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Mecachrome industrializes and manufactures products that must meet the highest quality requirements for the aeronautical and motorsport industries. Inspections and digital traceability are ensured for each product delivered to our customers. 
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Industrial capacities:

  • Sharpening of ISO Type cutting inserts (tungsten carbide) – Patented process
  • Design and Sharpening of highly sharpenable one-piece tools
  • Design of cutting geometry offering a longer service life in use
  • Inspections and traceability associated with each tool, serialized using DATAMATRIX marking

Principal production and measuring equipment

  • 12 x 5-axis digitally controlled grinding machines
  • 4 automated measuring benches, 2 of which are robotized
  • 1 test bench
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  • Patent for the cutting profile
  • Patent for re-metallization
  • QR code for digital tracking of the tool
  • Advance warning of tool wear and tear with a digital warning before the end of the use potential
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Our added value for Customers and CSR

  • Environmentally-friendly

Recycling of cutting tools in their original packaging with the same characteristics as to begin with (no difference compared to new tools) on the basis of a “milk run” type collection to minimize CO2 emissions

  • Respect for a social inclusion process

Workers with disabilities

  • Substantial savings for our customers 

Up to 45% savings depending on use cases

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