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Suppliers and partners

MECACHROME is involved in leading-edge sectors with uncompromising requirements. This way, the group selects and forms partnerships with its own suppliers based on strict criteria in quality, respect for deadlines and price.
Stratégie - fournisseurs et partenaires

An ambitious strategy

Our Purchasing policy is part of a process to support the group’s ambitions, to create a real platform for industrial consolidation.

It revolves around 3 major axes:

  • Supporting the group in its transformation and in implementing a unique industrial system;
  • Contributing to significant improvement in the profitability of our activities and guaranteeing a high level of quality in our customer service;
  • Supporting the sales teams as part of the dynamic of group growth.


In the MECACHROME group, Purchasing is centralized in head office and provides support for the factories. For their part, the factories ensure the operational aspects of the relationship with the supplier: supplies, supplier quality assurance, 1st level of escalation.


Global Lead Buyer

Global lead buyer - fournisseurs et partenaires
Ensures that factories have access to an efficient and competitive panel: production purchasing, industrial purchasing, non-production purchasing.

Global Project Buyer

Global project buyer - fournisseurs et partenaires
Supports the industrial and commercial projects: Make or Buy, sourcing of BOM, support for industrialization and industrial transfer projects.

Supplier Performance Manager

Supplier perf manager - fournisseurs et partenaires
Supports factories in improving supplier performance: consolidation and communication, defining and implementing improvement projects.


Production purchasing

achats de prod - fournisseurs et partenaires
Materials, sub-assemblies, parts, subcontracting of processes or customer deliverables.

Non-production industrial purchasing

achats indu hors prod - fournisseurs et partenaires
Equipment, machines, cutting tools, tools for MECACHROME industrialization and production processes.

Non-production purchasing

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Energy and fluids, intellectual services, buildings, consumables.

Work with us

The group is constantly looking for improvement and performance. If you think you have a competitive advantage in the family of products purchased by MECACHROME, please get in touch with our teams.

Before you do so, please take note of and, if required, complete the following documents:

Our Purchasing policy

Supplier requirements

Supplier Code of Conduct

RFI Questionnaire

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