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Focus Factory

Mecachrome's Focus Factory offer places the command of processes (in the sense of statistical capability) and 4.0 steering solutions at the heart of an integrated and natively derisked industrial system, addressing significant production volumes obtained from mass production of different parts that share a similar process, guaranteeing operational and economic performance in a break with past practises.
This offer addresses a macroprogram of production in a single automated flow with few specific tools, flexible (Volume) and agile (N different parts according to criteria / no industrialization). Data collection ensures that the process is completely transparent and can be constantly improved.
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Delivering performance

  • OTD performance 100% / OQD performance < 100 ppm
  • One piece flow production with no change of campaign
  • Significantly reduced cycle time
  • Full integration of digital solutions
  • Full traceability of products throughout the course of their production

Bringing competitiveness

  • Reduced industrialization time and flexibility to the benefit of customer programs
  • Aggressive market positioning thanks to the implementation of innovative technological building blocks
  • Perfect command of the input of the raw material
  • Mass production (90% saturation rate)
Compétitivité - Focus Factory

Minimizing the impact on the environment

  • Limitation on CO2 impact through a reduction in transport
  • Recycling of waste a long way upstream
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Guaranteeing sovereignty

  • Line operated by MECACHROME or on the customer’s premises
  • Competitiveness, even in “high cost” countries
  • Re-industrialization in the West
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