MECACHROME - Amboise extérieur

Amboise/Bully les Mines

A major player in aerostructure, Mecachrome Amboise specializes in the machining of large-size (>2m) light alloy mechanical parts, complex parts (forged and hard metals) and the forming thereof, as well as Assembly of large-size Work Packages (WP).
The MECACHROME site in Bully les Mines is a remote workshop from the Amboise site.

Key data

Creation date: 1979

Sectors of special interest: Aerostructure


  • Large-size light alloy mechanical parts (up to 23m)
  • Assembly of large-size WP
  • Forming

Customers: Airbus, Airbus Atlantic, Dassault Aviation, Safran

Employees: 340

Surface area: 41,200 m²

Industrial capacity (key technologies):

  • Machining and multi-spindle machining – 5 HSM axes
  • Deburring
  • Forming
  • Riveting
  • Wet assembly
  • Thin coat painting
  • Roller burnishing
  • 3-point straightening
  • Shot-peening
  • Swaging
MECACHROME - Amboise extérieur

AMBOISE / Bully les Mines

Rue de Saint Règle
ZI la Boitardière
37 400 Amboise
5 rue Voltaire
62160 Bully les Mines

MECACHROME - Amboise Assemblage final case de train A400M
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Products Manufactured

Created in 1979 with a first workshop, then expanded to include a second in 1998, the Mecachrome Amboise site was the group’s headquarters from 2011 to 2021.

Over the last few years, €12M have been invested in new equipment to allow the site to specialize in very large parts (18 machines with 3- to 5-axis gantries, 2 to 4 spindles and 22 3- to 5-axis, single-spindle machining centers).

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