The Mecachrome Roanne site is recognized in precision aeronautical mechanics, and comprises a number of processes with high added value. The site's specialties are principally in engine drive shafts, sprockets, gear teeth and hydraulic blocks.

Key data

Landmark dates: 1946 (creation of Soromé) / 1963 (integration SICN) / 1998 (sale of Soromé Hitim group) / 2021 Mecachrome

Sectors of special interest: Aeroengine


  • Precision mechanics
  • Engine drive shafts
  • Cutting and grinding of gear teeth
  • Cutting and grinding of gears

Customers: Safran Transmission System STS, Collins, Safran Aero Engine SAE, …

Employees: 65

Surface area: 4,800 m²

Industrial capacity (key technologies):

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Flat and cylindrical grinding
  • Fitting
  • Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Cutting of gears
MECACHROME - Roanne 2022-05 - Vue générale MK Roanne (4)


17 Boulevard Charles de Gaulle
42120 Le Coteau

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Manufactured Products

Created in 1946, Soromé became a subsidiary of SICN in 1963 and then incorporated the Hitim group in 1998.

Since summer 2021, the Roanne site has been part of MECACHROME and today completes the group’s specialized offer in aeroengines.

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